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HS Languages of the World / Typology II (WS 16/17)

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Course Description

This course gives a thorough introduction to the main subfields of language typology, sticking closely to the recent textbook by Viveka Velupillai (2012). Expanding on the contents of this introductory textbook, participants will pick a current research paper from one of the subfields, and prepare a 30-minute presentation on it. A final exam, based on applying the acquired knowledge to data from an unfamiliar language, is the second course requirement. The introductory course we previously taught during summer semesters is a good preparation for this course, but we do not assume any previous exposure to linguistic typology.

News and General information

  • Handout with all the information you need for now.
  • Please register for the course according to the instructions in the handout!
  • The presentations are prepared in collaboration with the person responsible for your session.

Course Schedule

Date Topic Literature Responsible Presenters
27.10.2016 Introduction and Overview Slides Christian Bentz Johannes Dellert
Christian Bentz
03.11.2016 Methodology Velupillai (2012), Ch. 3 Johannes Dellert Johannes Dellert: Databases and Sampling
10.11.2016 Phonology Velupillai (2012), Ch. 4 Johannes Dellert Johannes Dellert: Word-Prosodic Typology
Yasmin Heymig: Criticism of Tone Typology
17.11.2016 Morphology Velupillai (2012), Ch. 5 Christian Bentz Arne Rubehn
24.11.2016 Lexicon Velupillai (2012), Ch. 6 Johannes Dellert Georgina Langley
Giuseppe Schillaci
01.12.2016 Nominal Categories Velupillai (2012), Ch. 7 Christian Bentz Helen-Anne Joules
08.12.2016 Verbal Categories Velupillai (2012), Ch. 8 Christian Bentz Pavel Sofroniev
Nina Widmaier
15.12.2016 Simple Clauses Velupillai (2012), Ch. 9 Johannes Dellert Patrick Sommer
22.12.2016 (No Session) --
12.01.2017 Word Order Velupillai (2012), Ch. 10 Christian Bentz Verena Hartich
Fabio Maion
19.01.2017 Complex Clauses Velupillai (2012), Ch. 11 Johannes Dellert Franziska Brabandt
Samantha Tureski
26.01.2017 Speech Acts and Politeness Velupillai (2012), Ch. 12 Johannes Dellert Julia Vöhringer
Elvira Vylegzhanina
02.02.2017 Language Change Velupillai (2012), Ch. 13 Christian Bentz Sarah Woodfield
09.02.2017 Exam


  • Viveka Velupillai (2012): An Introduction to Linguistic Typology. John Benjamins, Amsterdam / Philadelphia.

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